Kitten season means kittens are in crisis - Join as a Kitten Protector to help save lives!

Become a Kitten Protector and you can help save lives

Become a Kitten Protector today and provide critical care to neglected and unwanted kittens. Your 3 months contribution will ensure kittens get the support they need during their most vulnerable times.

a month could help to pay for bedding and heatpads for orphaned kittens
a month could help to pay for the formula needed to bottle feed neonatal kittens
a month could help cover the cost of desexing a kitten, so they can find their forever home
could help pay for the transport of cats and kittens to other shelters, increasing their chances of adoption

PLEASE NOTE: your first payment will be labelled as "Setup fee" in the PayPal checkout.

Your first donation will be taken today, and the subsequent donations will be debited on the 15th of each month.

Kittens that come through our doors during Kitten Season
Number of kittens a female cat can produce in her lifetime
The average number of cats and kittens coming into our care per week
Increase we see in feline intakes during Kitten Season